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A special Visit to Portugal
Landscape photo and Text by Angela Dorschner-Filsinger,
pictured riding Mansour Bey and to produce her first halter in the saddlery

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All three Photos taken by Petra Strobel

In April 2012 I had the opportunity to visit Petra Strobel in Portugal, who had bought some horses from our stud.
It is a very special gift for every breeder to see the horses sold happy and healthy at their new home as it is at this place in Portugal. One of them is the stallion Mansour Bey (Maymoon Bey x Mansoura Bint Maisa). He is a best example to show, that a Filsinger Arabian is not only looking lovely, but has also the ability to perform and work excellent under the saddle, even in the high dressage level. Persuade yourself of his exceptionally quality and see the attached pictures.
Besides enjoying their horses Petra and Torsten Strobel run a saddlery and a store with equestrian equipment. They also offer courses for people interested in learning about the basics of the saddlery trade. Links to their websites:

>> store:_

>> courses:


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All Breeding stock at Filsinger Arabians CA tested
- All horses and bloodstock CA free and no CA carrier ! -

In terms and obligations of the VZAP, the German Arab horse Society, and since January 1st, 2011, all breeders and owners in Germany are in need to bring up for their breeding horses a test result re: CA (Cerebellar Abiotrophy). Breeding Arab horses for more than 50 years, and having many foals throughout the decades born in generations from our breeding programme, we never had any problem coming up as of genetic desease or moments discovered nowadays in the overall breed. However, a must is a must, and after the VZAP requires, and the new CA test methods and results are now indeed 100% reliable and undoubtable, we tested all our breeding stock. For the testing the samples
of the DNA testings and proving, saved and stored in the lab, became used, so the
CA tests done were in undoubtably correlation to the specific horse and it's gens.
We meanwhile received and collected all results, and as expected, all easy -
ALL our horses and bloodstock are N/N, means:
all are CA clear, none a CA carrier !l!
This is another sign of how well the genetic pool of Filsinger Arabians is settled, worked, works and improves throughtout decades, proves the value of all qualities in these bloodlines and genetic family, pedigrees, and the well thought and done line breedings to selected individuals like MALIKAH and/or MAYMOON!


Some of the new 2011 Foals are arrived ...

The summer just starts, the pastures are green, the sun shines bright, and what can give more pleasure than to see new born foals running and playing around there. In April 2011, we received two
of the expected 2011 foals, both by the young sire MAJEED EL MOGADOR. The first born is a colt out of the classical MAISARI NABILAH, the other one is a filly out of the superb quality mare and exquisite broodmare MINDIF Bint Mansoura. Both foals
are outstanding and most promising representatives
of their young sire who improved the full potential
of his blood and the strength of his family.


MAJEED El Mogador
(Mogador el Malik
Maharani Nabilah)

out of

Mindif Bint Mansoura
(Nasran Ibn Maymoon
Mansoura Bint Maisa/
by Maymoon)


MALIKAH - The Queen among the 'Elite' horses and in the breed!

MALIKAH - Elite mare
and The reigning Quee

Elite stallion

MAYMOON - Elite stallion

ZEENAH - Elite mare

In the 3/2011 issue of the German Arab horse magazine "Araber weltweit" being also the official magazine of the German Arab horse Society VZAP an article is published about the influence of the so-named and honored 'Elite' horses. The official title 'Elite' those horses received and carry that reached an outstanding influence to the breed and a breeding record of special value.
The article analyzes the influence of the 'Elite' mares until today, and came to the conclusion that our foundation mare MALIKAH has the most influence and value in the breed, and this even with in enormous difference to all the others. Still until today, she is 'THE Queen" of the purebred Arab horse as well as in the straight Egyptian beeding - Nomen est omen!
The statistic improves and reflects MALIKAH's influence by four 'elite' daughters (among, our important broodmare MAISA, dam of a 'Elite' daughter and 'Elite' son herself) and three 'Elite' sons (Mahomed, Malik, Manal). MALIKAH's influence steps in the next generations ahead and continues in an enormous input. Among the 2nd generation, the extremely important cornerstone and value of our breeding programme even until today, MAYMOON.
Our two other foundation mares, ZABIA and NAZEEFA are both awarded as 'Elite' mares, too. From NAZEEFA it is her son NABIL Ibn Nazeefa, who is another very important cornerstone in our breeding programme through his sons, daughters and grand get. ZABIA records two 'Elite' mares in the 1st generation, and one in the second generation, also with her valuable daughter ZEENAH (by Kaisoon), who adds her qualities to our today's bloodstock, and being regarded as a 'secret jewel'.
Sometimes you know what you have and what you do and go ahead with. But seeing it presented in such a strong and unique moment, and 'unspoken language' by just and only true facts in a statitic makes it aware - and even makes us proud, and we feel blessed to have such horses as base to breed carefully and well estimated ahead with. But also a bit sad to realize, that some of our younger horses, broodmares and sires, never got their chance to also step ahead in the statistics as in the 90ies and some years ahead we had decided to stop breeding for a while, and restricted for some years in our breeding activity, so the younger sires and mares did not get their chance to prove as of our human's decision. While they would have been absolutely worth and of the quality, they could not show off the needed quantity of foals produced
Our today's bloodstock is a valuable genetic pool of those horses, carefully bred in line breeding to MALIKAH, as well as to MAYMOON, NABIL IBN NAZEEFA and with the bloodline and drops of ZEENAH. We are more than happy to see the genetics and values reflected in the phenotype and unique group of our today's horses, and get it regularly accomplished by vistors, breeders, international experts coming to see them.


About the Teenie Photographer and her model ....

Angela, the daughter of Frank Filsinger, owner of Filsinger Arabians, loves the horses, and she also to photograph and to take pictures! So it is obvious that she combines both interests. In 2005, with just 9 years, she got her first little camera from her aunt, the international photographer Irina Filsinger, and with this little camera, Angie just photographed everything - people, animals, flowers and all coming in front of her lens. In May 2009, when she was a 12,5 year old teenager she had improved so much her eye and sense for the Arab horse that it was time to handle a better and bigger camera. So Angela got a digital photo camera with a good lens to her won .....

Since, she makes really very nice and semi-professional pictures of the horses at stud, but also at shows she sometimes has the chance to attend. However, being still a kid, but with a great heart and sense for all kind of animals and especially for horses, it still happen what happened recently during a photo shoot: Angela was so over-whelmed from her little model, the most charming filly foal MAJEEDA, that she moved down her camera, approached the little cute sweetie, and preferred to enjoy, to touch and to play with her model instead of shooting her in her beauty!


Several Generations to be found in one field ....

Filsinger Arabians started in 1957, at a time, when nobody did talk or was aware about the later defined "straight Egyptians". In 1962, MALIKAH entered the Filsinger family's life, and she was the beginning and the cornerstone stone and foundation of their straight Egyptain breeding programme. Today, the Filsinger Arabians' bloodstock represents a unique group of straight Egyptians of this MALIKAH family, a present family of homebred horses bred in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and even already in 7th generation at stud - something that not many other studfarms can prove. Filsinger Stud is a breeding and bloodstock source in history of decades, following the classical criterias and definitions, and concentrating on the qualities of some improved individuals. A breeding in traditions and an own sense, beyond any fashion streams! The consistancy and quality speaks for itself , the unique quality herd of broodmares and the sires make it obvious. The above picture from June 2009 shows the old and new generations at stud together in one field. The two grand ladies, the 1983 born MANSOURA and ZENAYA in the mid, and some of their daughters, grand daughters, great grand daughters, and sisters around - sharing their days and pasture. It is a pleasure to watch them - together - and every day - and every day again!


We happily and proudly welcome the new Foals ....

Angela with her Welsh pony Blessy, meeting one of the
new born foals in the pasture

Some of the new foals are born, and we are very very happy with the result. It is indeed the fact that the family of this bloodline proves year by year, generation by generation. The matriarch MALIKAH, her grandson MAYMOON and her son MANAL added by the NABIL IBN NAZEEFA blood, they brought us what we were looking for. And as of, we intensify this blood with the younger generations, for example through, and on male side, with the two herdsires MOGADOR el Malik (by Manal) and MAHARAN el Nabil. Both are out of MAKLIKAH daughters by MAYMOON, our of two full sisters (Munifah and Marani).
In April 2009, our first foal by the young sire MAJEED el Mogador is born - MAJEEDA. She is also the first foal born at stud in 2009, and something really special - in quality and in disposition. Awaiting some more foals, we welcome each one in the family!


Photo Shoot 2006 and new pictures

For many years, we had not been doing any new pictures of our horses. Time was too busy, photographer was not available, weather crossed plans, or many other reasons.
This year, we decided: it MUST succeed! And it did! The day came when everything worked out propperly. It started by the washing and showering of the horses, and everybody helped. At the end, we all really had enjoyed, independant that such a photo day is hard work! We hope, you enjoy the result, the new pictures of several of our horses. Watch them in the stallions' and mares' section, and in several individual pages.


About finding names and upon special relations.....

In summer 2006 , MINDIF gave birth to a cute filly by the NABIL son ZEYMOON el Nabil.
Relating to their ancestors and the family, and following the tradition of the bedouins, we choose normally names starting with a same letter as the damline, and try to find special, individual, unqiue names for our horses. This foal came of the famous "M" line of MALIKAH!

MINDIF is a daughter by NASRAN Ibn Maymoon and out of MANSOURA (Maymoon x Maisa). By so, she is a great grand daughter of MALIKAH. Her name we found through the music of a jazz artist we like, Abdullah Ibrahim. "Mindif" is a solitary mountain in Cameroon.
Normally, it takes us weeks and months to find right names for our new born foals. But this time, the name was already chosen and there before the foal got born (in case it would become a filly foal): near to the mountain "Mindif", there is an ancient city called "Maroua" .....

And here she is, MAROUA, lovely daughter of MINDIF and ZEYMOON el Nabil, representing MAYMOON three times in her pedigree, and MALIKAH even four times. We were very much awaiting this filly. Besides others, MAROUA will carry on our breeding and future in this exquisite Dahman Shahwan strain upon the most valuable Malikah-Maisa-Mansoura tail female line. She is a real little ballerina, prancing around light as a feather, knowing that
she is also something special!


Nabil Ibn Nazeefa

**** Good-bye, our lifetime friend ... ****
Born with us in 1977, we shared a lifetime with our stallion NABIL Ibn Nazeefa and enjoyed every day.
On 19. June 2006, our longtime compagnion passed away!
The value, presence and qualities of this stallion and sire was and will be always most influential to us. Being an important sireline in straight Egyptian breeding, he had and has a major influence in the FILSINGER ARABIANS'
breeding and bloodstock, continued by his sons, daughters, and their progeny! We are thankful for more than 29 years we could share with this great stallion and horse personality!


About Breeding, History... and new ways!


To behalf of newcomers to the straight Egpytian breeding, but also for longterm breeders, people interested in presence AND history, and those who never had the chance to see alive some of the foundation horses and famous anchestors in the straight Egyptian breeding - we are pleased to inform that some historical video clips were just placed into our website! The original films were taken in the late 80ies and in 1990. Today, with fast DSL transfers and WindowsMediaPlayer, those video clips are a new way to allow you seeing our horses in action, and sharing our breeding and history. See amongst, MAHYUBI Ibn Maisaand his sire, NABIL Ibn Nazeefa, and his maternal half brother, the late NASRAN Maymoon; his paternal half brother, DAHMAN Maymoon, the Grand Champion MANAL, and last but not least, our three foundation mares, MALIKAH (with 27 years), ZABIA and NAZEEFA (both aged 23), and their daughters, ZEENAHand MAISA.


Congratulations to H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Khalid Al Thani of Al Rayan Farm in Qatar, for his success at the 8th Qatar National Show end of November 2005, especially for his 1998 born, home bred mare, NAAMA Al Rayyan (Safir x Ansata Majesta) winning - "Mabrouk"! NAAMA Al Rayyan is coming from the valuable MAKLIKAH tail female line, and shows once more the prepotency of this blood and heritage.


Bred by interest & qualities for
___________ Beauty and Performance:

The MOGADOR el Malik son ZAREEF out of
(Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Zenaya/ by Maymoon)
and his breeder and owner in Portugal, Mrs. Strobel, did participate and succeed in special dressage and driving lessons, this to increase and fine-tune their basics on higher level. Under the experienced instructions of Desmond O'Brien, from the "Wiener Hofreitschule" in Vienna/ Austria, held at "Quinta Az Zuira", this 1998 born straight Egyptian from the FILSINGER ARABIANS bloodlines and his owner were trained. Desmond O'Brien was very excited about the fast learning and constructive cooperation of ZAREEF who improved by example the qualities of our longterm breeding.


Welcome to our newest Arrival !

On 7th August 2005, a cute foal arrived to us - out of MAHA Bint Mansoura (by Maharan/ Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Marani el Malikah, by Maymoon) and by MOGADOR el Malik (Manal x Munifah Bint Malikah/ by Maymoon). We are very much looking forward to his future while combining, respresenting, and multiplying the best bloodlines and anchestors of FILSINGER ARABIANS.


Our first foal in 2005 was born on 9th of May. It is a filly by SHEIKH MAYMOON and out of MASRIA Nabilah, who is by Nabil Ibn Nazeefa and out of Munifah Bint Malikah (by Maymoon). This little queen will carry on the valuable blood of MUNIFAH Bint Malikah, a mare we lost much too early and very unexpectedly with 11 years. MASRIA and also her filly foal now will take MUNIFAH's blood and qualities to the future by tail female line, while the influence through her sons, MOGADOR el Malik and MUNIF el Nabil, is already preserved at FILSINGER ARABIANS.


Congratulations to Mrs. Petra Reiner for her success in the 40 km Endurance Ride at Mehrstetten - competing with straight Egyptian mare DAHMA MAYMOON and finishing fourth place. DAHMA MAYMOON is a FILSINGER ARABIAN in four generations on both sides, sire's and dam's, and is representing the breeding program in performance qualities. DAHMA MAYMOON is by International Champion DAHMAN MAYMOON, and dam is the International Champion & 1988 Asil Cup Supreme Champion"Female", BINT IBN MAYMOON.


Winter Pleasures ....!

Finally, the winter 2004/2005 did arrive to us - while we had to wait for the real white days and snow until January/ February! But then, it was fun to see how the horses and people enjoyed:

Eight-year-old Angela doing her winter ride in the first days of January sitting on long coated but anyway most beloved friend MOGADOR el Malik.

The mares did enjoy their first run into the white fields, while all horses are presently looking more like "Teddy bears" in their long haired winter coat than"desert horses". However, also in the high snow and cold temperatures, they are galopping by "flying without wings" - throwing the snow behind their hooves like they do with sand in the desert galopping around!


2004 was a year giving us several interesting moments! FILSINGER ARABIANS had many visitors and international guests from different countries, amongst from America, Canada, Australia, the Near and Middle East, from Portugal, Norway, Finland, Holland, Belgium, and more, and obviously from Germany. And we received a lot of inquiries and interest from more and other countries about our horses and breeding.

We are enjoying our new colt MAJEED El Mogador giving us special expectation and hope for the future in the FILSINGER ARABIANS' breeding program.

A limited number of our mares were breed again, and we are looking forward to see the new babies and results to arrive in 2005, foals we are intending to see for our future.


At 16. June 2004, three new certificates from the German Arabian Horse Society VZAP arrived to us for three more and additional Filsinger Arabians choosen and honored from the VZAP as "Elite" Horses upon their individual qualities and breeding records! So meanwhile 15 Filsinger Arabians received the title 'Elite'. Besides the three foundation mares MALIKAH, NAZEEFA and ZABIA, several of their sons, daughters and grandchildren are amongst, i.e the most influential sires MAYMOON, MANAL and NABIL Ibn Nazeefa; the mare MAISA and two descendants of her, the multi champion MAHYUBI Ibn Maisa and MAYDANA Bint Maisa. In Total and until now, 33 "Elite" horses are either FILSINGER ARABIAN or tracing back to a FILSINGER ARABIAN. And 28 are tracing back once or more times to MALIKAH. A great success and wonderful improvement for the influence of this straight Egyptian breeding program. More informations please find in the VZAP page www.vzap.org, and in page 'Hall of Fame' here in this website.
For a very first Time in a day and life of two Youngsters .....
Angela became very, very happy yesterday! After eleven months of waiting, a very long time for a seven-year-old girl, her much awaited foal by MOGADOR el Malik (Manal x Munifah Bt.Malikah/by Maymoon) out of MAHARANI Nabilah (Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Marani el Malikah/ by Maymoon) got born yesterday, 11th of June, 2004! In these first days in foal's life, they enjoyed their moments outside and in the fields, and did make immediately to friends!


The straight Egyptian MAKARY el Nabil, by NABIL Ibn Nazeefaout of the NABIL Ibn Nazeefa daughter MALIKAH el Dahma, bred by FILSINGER ARABIANS, just finished his 50th (!!!) placements in FN jumping tournaments while competing in level A and L against all other breeds. Until now, the FN (Nat'l Equestrian Federation) does list for Makary el Nabil, amongst
11 wins and 12 reserve wins. Another great example and improvement for the performance qualities of the purebred and straight Egyptian Arabians, especially from this blood and breeding. Congratulations to the owner and rider, Mrs. Marion Schneider, and good luck for the future with a lot of more success and continued pleasure with her FILSINGER ARABIAN.


SUNDOS Al Nasser


LEEN Al Nasser


Success at the 2004 Dubai International 
Arabian Horse Championships
TheDubai International Arabian Horse Championships held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) end of March 2004, was a most interesting event with a huge number of high quality horses coming from all over the Middle East: from Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Ten World Champions/ res. plus several multiple champions on national and internat. level were competing and gave a strong competition in Dubai. Congratulations to all winners. * Special congratulations to H.H. Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi from Ajman Stud for SUNDOS Al Nasser (by Ashhal Al Rayyan) winning the Junior Champion Female title. * Followed by JOHARA Al Naif (x Al Johara, out of x Ansata Majesta), tracing back to MALIKAH in damline, was named Res. Champion Filly. So also special congratulations to H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasir Al Thani, Al Naif Stud in Qatar. * And also "Mabrouk" to H.E. Sheikh Nawaf bin Nasser Al Thani from Nasser Stud in Qatar, for LEEN Al Nasser (x Imperial Madanah, by Imperial Mahzeer), a double MALIKAH and newcomer in the showcircus. She did win in Dubai the trophy as Res. Champion Mare after she did win already two weeks before the "Most classic Head" class at the Sharjah International Arabian Horse Show. * And last but not least, congratulations to H.R.H. Prince Khalid bin Sultan Abdul Aziz Al Saud & Al Khalidiah Farm, from Saudi Arabia, for his stallion MUTAIR (x Mesaoudah), another double MALIKAH and classwinner of 7-8 year old Stallions in both International ECAHO B Shows in the UAE in March, Sharjah and Dubai. All four title or class winners are tracing back once or twice to MALIKAH, our straight Egyptian foundation mare whose influence is of highest value and worldwide until today.

Happy Birthday  ..... to  NABIL Ibn Nazeefa,

our "Grand Senior" at stud, who became 27-year-old  
on 14. March 2004. 

Still full of spirit as in all his life, he is enjoying the days -  
at pastures, and sharing stables with a wonderful group 
of sons, daughters and grandchildren representing his 
qualities and prepotency in breeding. 

ASHHAL Al Rayyan


The 2004 Qatar International Show mid of February 
had been resulting in new and additional success and 
wonderful celebration to the MALIKAH damline.

Three of all four champions are tracing back to MALIKAH,  
two of them in tail female line coming from as bred by two 
different sires:                                                 
* ASHHAL Al Rayyan (Safir x Ansata Majesta) was named 
   International Champion Stallion. 
* His maternal halfsister, AL ANGHA Al Rayyan (Alidaar x 
   Ansata Majesta) became Qatar Int. Champion Mare.
* And the Egyptian-Polish bred SUNDOS Al Nasser  (Ashhal
   Al Rayyan x MS Elvira) became Int. Champion Filly

Congratulations to the owners, H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz bin 
Khalid Al Thani, from Al Rayyan Farm in Qatar, and H.H. 
Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, from Ajman Stud, and  
wish them all the best with their horses and this proven line.

  * * * *   H e l a u   &   A l a a f    * * * * 
The studfarm owner's little daughter Angela greets 
all carneval enthusiasts of the "5th Season in Year" 
the so-named Fasching being in February each year, 
by wishing them some happy and enjoyable days! 
How a little girl is realizing her ideas and dreams to  
costume and to combine with her favorite animals 
..... just watch and enjoy the pictures!
Last year, in 2003,she costumed as "Pippi Langstrumpf"
with "Herr Nielson" sitting on her shoulder, her pony 
Blessy costumed as "Kleiner Onkel"; and the year  
before she was a little "Waldfee" (forest good fairy) 
riding stallion Mogador .... That's what kids and horse  
crazy girls are doing (not just) in carneval! We are 
curious but may imagine how the future will go on....

Competing in the 2003 Jordan Int. Show at the Royal Stables in Amman the lovely 2001 filly SUNDOS Al Nasser became honored as International Junior Champion Female for her new owner, H.H. Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, United Arab Emirates. One year before she had suceeded for her breeder, H.E. Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Al Thani, from Qatar, as 2002 Nations Cup Junior Champion Filly res. in Aachen, and TOP TEN Filly at the 2002 World Championships in Paris.
Through her sire Ashhal Al Rayyan this Egyptian-Polish bred filly is tracing back again to MALIKAH.

Another great moment one could meet when her owner, H.H. Sheikh Ammar, did show SUNDOS himself at the 2004 International Arabian Horse Show in Ajman, getting judged and winning Amateur Handlers class in excellent style of showing and by wonderful relation between filly and handler. Congratulations to both!


And the influence of MALIKAH continued with the prestigeous 2003 World Championships in Paris:

* 2003 World Champion Mare GELGELAH Alb. (photo above), bred by Dr. Nasr Marei of Albadeia Stud in Egypt and owned by Halsdon Arabian Stud, Mrs. Shirley Watts, Great Britain, is tracing back three times to MALIKAH on paternal side.

* 2003 World Champion Colt INSHALLAH (pictured below), bred by Lönhult Arabians, Sweden, and now owned by Al Khalidiah Farms, H.R.H. Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia, is tracing back to MALIKAH through his father.

* And last but not least, 2003 World Champion Filly res., the one-year-old Simeon Sadik daughter H.S. RAMIRA, bred and owned by Halsdon Arabians, England, is tracing back to MALIKAH through her sire!


The "black beauty" Simeon SADIK, a MALIK grandson and 
 by so, a MALIKAH greatgrandson, entered the major 
2003 Nations Cup show in Aachen which is internationally
meanhwile one of the most attracting one by visitors 
coming from all over the world. The int. judges panel from
six different countries and three continents made the 1989 
born to be the class winner of Stallions 11 years and older, 
to continue by chosen and awarded as 2003 Nations Cup 
Champion Stallion res. of the ECAHO affiliated A show.



The 2002 World Championships in Paris made a very interesting spotlight to the influence and blood of FILSINGER ARABIANS' foundation mare MALIKAH:

* 2002 World Champion Filly, yearling JOHARA Al Naif (pictured above), bred and owned by H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasir Al Thani, from Qatar, is tracing back in tail female line to MALIKAH, and

* 2002 World Champion Mare res. BINT SAIDA Al Nasser (pictured below),bred and owned by H.E. Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Al Thani, also from Qatar, shows MALIKAH twice in her pedigree and at paternal side.

Congratulations to both studfarms, Al Naif Stud and Nasser Stud, for these lovely horses and their success!

Congratulations to Al Naif Stud, Qatar, for her great success with RN MEZNA (Imperial Mahzeer x Ansata Magnifica) being named 2002 Qatar National Champion Mare as well as she was already named one year before 2001 Qatar National Champion Mare res.
This very lovely, 1996 born mare, was bred by Al Rayyan Farm, H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Khalid Al Thani, and is tracing back to MALIKAH in tail female line. Pedigree readers and experts will find MALIKAH three times in the pedigree of RN MEZNA.
At the 2001 ECAHO B rated Show in Gut Ising at the lovely Chiemsee lake, the straight Egyptian MANALgrandson ZEKHIEL did win 2001 International Champion Stallion. ZEKHIEL is a son of the Filsinger bred mare ZEEMANA (Manal x Zeenah) and is tracing back in tail female line to the foundation mare ZABIA. ZEEMANA was bred and sold from FILSINGER ARABIANS to an American breeder exporting her to the U.S.A. in 1982. ZEKHIEL is owned by "Arabian Sun Horses" of the Bentchikou family, Belgium, for who he did win this title.


_Ansata MERYTA

A visit in 2001 to Kuwait reflected that the MALIKAH blood did strongly reach this Middle East country. The very noble "Ajmal Stud" of Mr. Mohammed Bin Jassim Al Marzouk, a young and very knowledgable and selective breeder of best straight Egyptian bloodlines, had been able to include two mares from this MALIKAH family to his breeding programme and broodmares' band:

* The 1987 U.S. born JKB MAJIDA, imported from the U.S.A. (pictured top left)

* From Germany, the 1990 born El Thay BINT MOFEEDAH, a mare with two crosses to MALIKAH (pictured top right)

And also the "Arabian Horse Center" in Kuwait did welcome and own a mare from the MALIKAH tail female line, the 1988 born Ansata MERYTA (pictured below), being a one year younger fullsister to Ajmal Stud's MAJIDA.


In 2001, two valuable MAYMOON daughters, ZURA Bint Zareefa and ZULIMA, left the 
"Odenwald" and FILSINGER ARABIANS' studfarm and were exported to Portugal.  At the 
lovely "Algarve" area, in a nice and very convenient climate, they enjoyed their life in the 
pastures of Mr. and Mrs. Strobel, and together with a NABIL Ibn Nazeefa daughter, a 
MAYMOON BEY son and a colt by MOGADOR el Malik. The two stallions are being ridden 
and educated regularly by Mrs. Petra Strobel - in English dressage as well as in Western 
and simply for fun to countryside. According to her tellings, the local people and classic 
Portugese riders became very surprised by these Arab stallions and she could improve 
and convince them that an Arab horse is not just for beauty, but also very much useful 
and able to reach and show high lectures of riding lessons!

In 1994, two stallions of FILSINGER ARABIANS and 
two noble sons of NABIL Ibn Nazeefa went out to enter 
some of the major open international show events 
during this season, and both ended up and did
succeeded in some wonderful results:

*  6-year-old, bay ZEYMOON el Nabil (out of Zenaya/
by Maymoon) became National Champion Stallion res.
in Belgium and European Straight Egyptian Champion
Stallion res. at the Egyptian Event Europe.
* 12-year-old, most charming MAHYUBI Ibn Maisa 
became awarded once more with the title as 
International Champion Stallion at the Internatonal 
ECAHO B-rated show in Wels, Austria, competing 
this time again with another, double former World 
Champion Stallon res. (Polish bred Edykt) and 
winning for getting honored the ultimate title.

The two-year-old double NABIL Ibn Nazeefa bred and  
MAHYUBI Ibn Maisa daughter, MAHYA Nabilah (out of 
Nabilah Bint Zabia/ by Nabil Ibn Nazeefa) became sold to 
a new breeder and was shown straight away from them 
at the open International Kauber Platte show in 1991. 
MAHYA Nabilah walked along a way of unbelievable 
success: class winner of the two-year-old Fillies, Int.
Junior Champion Female, and "Best in Show". 
She also had been the highest scored horse at show!

The intention of Filsinger Arabains to enter also 
open shows and classes to improve that straight 
Egyptians  are not just in good bloodlines and 
pedigrees but may also reflect good horses, 
resulted in entering the 1990 International 
ECAHO B rated show in Babenhausen, Germany, 
with MAHYUBI Ibn Maisa (by Nabil Ibn Nazeefa) 
winning his class of 7-10 year-old stallions. 
In the following championship class he was 
competing in first row of the classwinners against 
two former World Champion Stallions res., and 
MAHYUBI became finally choosen unanimously as the 
International Champion Stallion. At the final moments 
and competition between junior and senior champions 
he once more was juddged and honored to be the
Supreme Champion.

The next Asil Cup International in Mannheim in 1990, 
NASRAN Ibn Maymoon (pictured), sire of the 1988 
Supreme Champion Female Bint Ibn Maymoon, entered  
the show and  continued the success of his daughter 
by winning the title as Senior Champion Stallion res. 
Together with his two paternal half-brothers 
SHEIKH Maymoon and DAHMAN Maymoon (also 
 named Junior Champion Male) and their paternal half 
sister MANSOURA, all these four by MAYMOON  
became judged and selected into the TOP TEN!
More than 50% of the champions/res. at show (6 of 9), more than 50% of the TOP TEN 
horses (11 of 20), and more than 50% of the winners/res. (16 of 15 classes) had been 
tracing back to Filsinger Arabians foundation mare MALIKAH!

Also the progeny of the Filsinger Arabian mare MAISA succeeded in four TOP TEN horses  
tracing back to her (Mansoura, Dahman, Sheikh Maymoon, Bint Mohssen) and six classwinners/
res. (Dahman Maymoon; Sheikh Maymoon; Mansoura Bt.Maisa; Bint Mohssen; Bint Bint Maisa & 
Amir Fayyad, both by Mahyubi Ibn Maisa).

 One of the biggest success ever reached by a 
 straight Egyptian studfarm and breeding program 
 in a halter show became at the 1988 Asil Cup Int. 
at the prestigeous place of Ludwigsburg castle,  
both Supreme Champions had been bred & owned 
by Filsinger Arabians Stud: 
Champion Stallion, Supreme Champion Male and 
"Best in Show" trophy had been awarded to MANAL, 
while his granddaughter BINT IBN MAYMOON 
(Nasran Ibn Maymoon x Zaba/Manal) became Junior 
Champion Filly & Supreme Champion Female.
For these two champion titles we got two beautiful bronze trophies by famous American 
artist Karen Kasper. Filsinger Arabians succeeded in this show in total with six class
winners/res., and 10 of all decorated TOP TENs were tracing back to a Filsinger Arabian!



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