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Straight Egyptian Arabians since 1962 * * Established in 1957

ince 1979, Frank Filsinger, also a veterinarian after his late father, has
had the responsibility of managing the stud farm along with all breeding decisions,
as owner of the stud farm today. He, too, has the lifetime passion, experience,
relationship and 'horse sense' derived from riding and competing very successfully
at a younger age in jumping, dressage and cross country competitions. But what he
always enjoyed most is time spent with his Arab horses, to be with and around them,
sometimes just putting a halter on a stallion, jumping up and taking a ride through the countryside.

The bloodline base and individuals that were handed over from his father, along
with excellence as to his own breeding ideals, Frank Filsinger was able to continue
the highly successful breeding program in the best bloodlines available. His favorite
stallion was MAYMOON, who had possessed all the qualities required from a high quality stallion and sire: classical type and beauty, elegance, upright, long neck arched like a swan, huge dark eyes and great male expression and spirit. Together with his relative in blood and stablemate MANAL, MAYMOON was the attraction at stud for many years. Today's broodmare band is highly influenced by MAYMOON, a Saqlawi-type Dahman Shahwan who carries all three important "German" NAZEER sons in direct male line, and is coming from the most influential tail female line, the immortal MALIKAH. With 11 years, he passed away upon accident as of thirds.

The very elegant bay, NABIL IBN NAZEEFA, is a double MORAFIC stallion who
possesses excellent qualities for performance, along with type, length of neck,
conformation, body and size, all very useful for for riding, and excellent production.
The MAYMOON and NABIL lines have been strongly and very successfully crossed
within the breeding program.

In the broodmare band as well as in the stallion barn you will find sons and
daughters from each of these sires produced from different dam lines: stallions
from all three foundation mares MALIKAH, ZABIA and NAZEEFA, and mares from
the families of MALIKAH and ZABIA.

ll horses are raised and kept in a very natural manner as horses should
be, spending hours daily in the pastures and enjoying their life and giving pleasure 
to the people watching them in the fields. The stallions also have a daily activity, 
and enough pastures and paddocks are available to give each of them complete 
liberty for hours also. At the stud farm there is also a large indoor arena used for 
riding, liberty, the presentation of horses and of course, riding lessons for the kid.
The showing and breeding had been very intensely activities at stud, both many 
years resulting in great success. In recent years, all public actions from and at 
FILSINGER ARABIANS had been resting for a while, and the owner and his 
family did enjoy their horses just on a private and personal base. He anyway 
sold a few selected horses but did not go public or in public breeding. Now and 
in 2004, he selectively goes well minded back for new breeding. 
Today the herd numbers about 30 straight Egyptian horses and continous to 
form a nucleus for the future of this traditional breeding program of very high
quality Arabian horses. The focus of Frank Filsinger is to maintain the valuable
bloodstock that he inherited from his father and to continue to breed for the
future of his daughter, and to concentrate only on the very best individuals.
ILSINGER ARABIANS has been exhibiting horses most successfully for 
many years, however Frank Filsinger never really enjoyed the horse shows. 
During the 1980's and 90's when many people began asking for show results, 
due to the market, he showed, too, and achieved with his horses many 
championships and prestigious titles. But he was never really happy to take his 
horses off the farm, to attend the so-called "show circus" which he always felt 
not being judged on the natural style and beauty of the horse. But this is what 
attracted him to the Arabian horse so many years ago and all his life: the natural 
charisma, the spirit and presence, the classical beauty, the (natural) high tail 
carriage, the upright necks and pride of the horse, and those huge dark eyes!
FILSINGER ARABIANS did never follow 'fashion' in breeding, but own demands, 
and will continue to follow the traditional and high standards for classical and 
elegant straight Egyptian horses - in blood, individual appearence and quality.

FILSINGER ARABIANS has given a good foundation to many straight Egyptian 
breeders in Germany establishing their breeding programs on these valuable 
breeding lines. Direct exports were also made, amongst others, to Switzerland, 
Holland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, the United States of America, Canada 
and Brazil, while FILSINGER ARABIANS and  influencing straight Egyptian stud 
farms and breeding programs worldwide.

he FILSINGER ARABIANS' dam line of MALIKAH has had a very deep 
influence on straight Egyptian breeders worldwide. In the last few years,
especially in the Near and Middle East, a successful show and breeding base
with this famous line has been founded. Amongst others, the well known
Ansata Majesta
and her family in Qatar (a mare tracing in tail female line to MALIKAH) together with her son Ashhal Al Rayyan, and her granddaughter, 2002 World
Champion Filly,Johara Al Naif. Also the Qatar National Champion Mare, RN Mezna,
by Imperial Mahzeer and out of Ansata Magnifica (exported to Qatar, thenafter
to Kuwait), a triple MALIKAH bred mare who traces to MALIKAH also in tail female line. The 2002 World Champion Mare Reserve, Bint Saida Al Nasser (by Imperial Mahzeer), a double MALIKAH on her sire's side; the 2003 World Champion Mare, Gelgelah Alb. (by Imperial Madori), triple MALIKAH on her father's side. And also the 2003 World Champion Filly Reserve, H.S. Ramira, a daughter of the famous black, Simeon Sadik (a MALIKAH great grandson), and 2003 World Champion Colt Inshallah, now in Saudi Arabia, and the 2003 International Champion Filly in Jordan, Sundos Al Nasser, owned by His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman/ United Arab Emirates - all these horses are representatives of MALIKAH in pedigree. ILSINGER ARABIANS will continue with some very well choosen activities, and to breed on a very selected basis with decisions made by Frank Filsinger who will also develop the future bloodstock base for his now 8 year old daughter Angela. Angela shows all the signs of a 'horse crazy' individual, and has amazing instinct with horses and equine 'knowledge' for a girl her age. Due to her really excellent eye and sophisticated taste for equine beauty, she is already on the way to continue the family's tradition as horse experts, riders and breeders. She obviously will have to learn a lot more, but with Frank Filsinger, her father, as mentor, she will be able to grow up with the right understanding of horses and for breeding. When asked what she wants to be later on in life, she has just a one but very clear answer: an Arabian horse breeder! Impatiently, she is looking forward to her first foal being born in 2004. ___________________________________________________________________


(c) Photograph byIrina Filsinger

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