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elcome to the website of FILSINGER ARABIANS,
   a breeding program established by Dr. Erwin Filsinger and his wife in 1957. In 1962, 
   FILSINGER ARABIANS became the first private studfarm in Germany to focus on the  
   breeding of straight Egyptian horses.
   A lifetime passion for horses, coupled with years of experience as a horseman, rider 
   and expert, Dr. Erwin Filsinger founded a breeding program that has become the 
   basis for many other breeders and studfarms around the world. 

   The success of FILSINGER ARABIANS is based upon three foundation mares. 
   FILSINGER ARABIANS was the home the "Queen" of straight Egyptian breeding,
   MALIKAH, as well breeders of her sons MANAL, MALIK and MAHOMED, and her 
   grandsons MAYMOON and MAHYUBI Ibn Maisa; as well as her daughters MAISA and 
   MAYMOONAH (both by Hadban Enzahi), MUNIFAH Bint Malikah and MARANI el Malikah
   (both by Maymoon), along with her granddaughters MANSOURA Bt. Maisa (by Maymoon), 
   MAYDANA Bint Maisa and her older full sister, National Champion Mare MANAYA, and 
   several others more. Many of the internationally successful straight Egyptian show 
   and breeding horses trace in pedigree back once or repeatedly to a FILSINGER ARABIAN. 

   In 1979, Frank Filsinger, a veterinarian like his father, became responsible for the 
   FILSINGER ARABIAN breeding program. Together with his father they made the 
   breeding decision to focus on the cross of two sire lines: 
   The first was that of homebred MAYMOON, a direct line descendant of the three famous 
   "German" NAZEER sons being a son of KAISOON, a grandson of HADBAN ENZAHI, and 
   a great grandson of GHAZAL, while tracing back to MALIKAH in his maternal dam line. 
   The second stallion, also a home bred, was NABIL IBN NAZEEFA, a bay double MORAFIC 
   representative of this elegant type and line.

   The cross of these two sire lines, along with mares in the dam lines of the two 
   foundation mares MALIKAH and ZABIA (imported from the EAO in 1969, together with 
   the third foundation mare, NAZEEFA) have contributed to the valuable bloodstock and 
   to the international success of FILSINGER ARABIANS. All horses at stud today trace 
   repeatedly to these lines through the very best blood of carefully selected individuals.

    All bloodlines and horses of FILSINGER ARABIANS are recognized and accepted by
    the important international organizations and registrations: 
    *   The Pyramid Society (worldwide organization for straight Egyptian Arabians) 
    *   The Asil Club  (breeders organization for straight Egyptians and "Asil" horses) 
    *   Al Khamsa  (American breeders organization to preserving authentic lines) 
    *   Blue List  (Blue catalogue/authentic lines upon researches of Mrs. Ott & Carl Raswan)
    *   WAHO     (World Arabian Horse Organization)
    *   VZAP        (German Arabian Horse Society & Registry)