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Straight Egyptian Arabians & Breedings Experience for more than 40 Years _______________________________________________________________________
AHARAN el Nabil (*1991)

(as younger stallion)

                                                                                              Bint Kateefa
                                       Nabil Ibn Nazeefa

        Straight Egyptian                                        Nazeefa  (EAO)
                                                                                               Nazic  (by Morafic)
          AHARAN el Nabil (DS)  
                                                Marani El Malikah
Proudly Bred & Owned byFilsinger Arabians
About his Breeding and Success:

       *  One of our younger generation of herdsires, carrying on our aims and future

       *  In the fourth generation of the FILSINGER ARABIANS' breeding program

       *  From the most valuable Dahman Shahwan blood and MALIKAH tail female 
line added by the great values coming from his sire, Nabil Ibn Nazeefa * 12 times (!!!!) with the prestigeous title "Elite" in his pedigree (see PDF file) * As all FILSINGER ARABIANS, accepted by all organizations and registrations, The Pyramid Society, Asil Club, Al Khamsa, Blue List, VZAP, WAHO * With extreme type, exciting expression, and great spirit in liberty and action * Reflecting the great combination of our two sire lines, NABIL Ibn Nazeefa (being MAHARAN's sire) and MAYMOON (being his grandsire on dam's side), both "Elite Stallions". On dam's side, MAHARAN is inbred to the "Queen of Egyptian Breeding", MALIKAH, and a most classical son of his exotic mother MARANI El Malikah, one our exquisite MAYMOON daughters. * Sire of the valuable broodmare MAHA Bint Mansoura, and the Youngsters, MANABA el Malikah, the 2009 born MIRAYA el Malikah, and her one year
older full brother, MATANGI el Maharan * Grandsire of MALAKI El Mogador and his younger full sisters, MAHANYA Bint Maha, MARANA el Malikah, and MALAKIYA el Malikah - all from the valuable Dahman Shahwan strain & MALIKAH tail female line

(in July 2006)





>>> click here to get his PDF pedigree <<<





Press Release:

"If you have any doubts what an Arabian stallion should look like, take a look at this photo of Maharan El Nabil (Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Marani El Malikah). There's nothing artificial about this horse at all. He never had his mane clipped three-quarters of the way down his neck. He has a nice full mane and full tail and he's just standing there naturally alert while he is waiting for his lady of the evening.
Maharan was nice from the start and never lost something of his type and personality. In fact over the years he blossomed from a dark and pretty colt into a breathtakingly beautiful grey stallion. Like all horse from this line, he needed time to mature. Now at the age of fifteen Maharan El Nabil is at his peak.

Owned by the passionate breeder Frank Filsinger of Germany, Maharan is fourth generation Filsinger bred and traces in tail female line to their foundation mare, Malikah (Ghazal x Malacha) who was born in 1962. Few mares have achieved the status of Malikah who is often referred to as the „Queen Mother“ of Egyptian lines in Europe. Her sons and daughters built the foundation for countless breeding programs around the world and her influence is felt in nearly every country where Arabian horses are bred today. Imperial, Ansata, Arabians Ltd.,
Al Rayyan, Al Zobair, Ajman Stud, Simeon – these are some of the farms utilizing her blood.
Malikah's grandson Asfour in Australia, the 2003 World Champion Mare Gelgelah Al Badeia or the famous Ashhal Al Rayyan in Qatar are just a few examples of her unparalleled impact.

The flamboyant Maharan is a son of one of Malikah's most beautiful daughters, the late Marani El Malikah whose sire Maymoon was Malikah's own grandson. Marani was known for her exquisite type, extremely beautiful head and lovely disposition. From his sire Nabil Ibn Nazeefa (who recently passed away at the age of 29), Maharan inherited his long and arched neck, the airy way of moving and the lively expression. „I am simply the best,“ Maharan seems to say when he's prancing into his paddock or performing his peacock dance in front of the mares!"

Oliver Wibihal/StraightEgyptians.com - Centerfold Sept.2006




(c) All Photographs byIrina Filsinger

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