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Straight Egyptian Arabians & Breedings Experience for more than 40 Years _______________________________________________________________________

AYMOON (*1975-1986)

                                                                                                           Bint Samiha
                                                                                                Sid Abouhom
                                                                                                Bint Kateefa
           Straight Egyptian  
   AYMOON (DS)                                      Nazeer   
                                                                       Hadban Enzahi
                                                                                                 Ghazal  (by Nazeer)

** ELITE Stallion **

Bred by:       Dr. Erwin & Frank Filsinger / Filsinger Arabians
Owned by:    Frank Filsinger / Filsinger Arabians   

His Success:

      *  Deceased in young age of 11 years, before his full career could have 
          been finished. Amongst the sons of this young sire had been anyway 
          already 3 winner at the German Stallions Shows, more than 25 national 
          and international champions, more than 65 winners/ reserve and more
          than five winners and reserves at stallions performance and in racings.
          MAYMOON himself had never been shown. 
      *  Sire of many champions/ reserves at national and international halter shows  

      *  Sire of winner and champions at Performance, Riding & Racing competitions

      *  Founder and very influential stallion in Filsinger Arabian breeding programme

      *  Classical daughters represented in the broodmares band at stud:
                   MANSOURA Bint Maisa  (*83)  (Maymoon x Maisa)
                   ZENAYA Bint Zeenah     (*83)  (Maymoon x Zeenah/ by Kaisoon
                   MUNIFAH Bint Malikah   (*83)  (Maymoon x Malikah)
                   MARANI El Malikah         (*85)  (Maymoon x Malikah)
         and their sons, daughters or full sibblings like i.e. 
         SHEIKH MAYMOON, MOGADOR el Malik, MAHARAN El Nabil, ZEYMOON El Nabil,
         MASRIA Nabilah, MAHARANI Nabilah, MAHA Bint Mansoura

      *  As all FILSINGER ARABIANS, accepted by all organizations and registrations,
         The Pyramid Society, Asil Club, Al Khamsa, Blue List, VZAP, WAHO



(c) Photograph byIrina Filsinger

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