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Straight Egyptian Arabians & Breedings Experience for more than 40 Years _______________________________________________________________________
AJEED el Mogador (*2004)

(as baby foal - in June 2004)


Proudly Bred & Owned byFilsinger Arabians


About his Breeding and Success:

       *  Most promising young colt for our future. Type, presence, and charisma are 
           reflected in this young colt. Extremely similiar bred and in pedigree as 
           the one year younger colt MALAKI el Mogador

       *  Our male representative of his sire, MOGADOR el Malik, and the great value of our 
           traditional combination of the sirelines of MAYMOON and NABIL Ibn Nazeefa

       *  Sixth generation of the FILSINGER ARABIANS' breeding programme

       *  From the most valuable Dahman Shahwan blood and MALIKAH tail female line

       *  Many times with the prestigeous title "Elite" in his pedigree (see PDF file)

       *  Of great type, exciting expression, and unique spirit in presence, liberty and action

       *  On dam's and sire's side, MAJEED is out of the late MAHARANI Nabilah, a full sister
           to MAHARAN el Nabil. Unfortunately and from one to another day, she passed away
           in 2004, much too young, and after MAJEED was just weaned. MAHARANI was a 
           very typey, special and exquisite mare, in a feminine presence and incredible elegant 
           neck and appearence and huge, dark eyes. She was a daughter of most exotic MARANI,
           by Maymoon and out of Malikah. JUst this pedigree side of MAJEED' dam is a hymne of
           names of best Egyptian bloodlines and individuals.
           on father's side, MAJEED comes by one of of our most important sires today, 
           MOGADOR el Malik, son of famous "Elite" stallion MANAL and out of a Maymoon x 
           MALIKAH daughter, as MUNIFAH, a full sister to MAHARANI's dam MARANI el Malikah.
           So at least, once again the extremely well working combination of the MAHARAN blood 
           with the MOGADOR blood - or in the anchestors base: the combination of MAYMOON,
           MANAL and NABIL Ibn Nazeefa, with intensifying and multiplying the MALIKAH and
           MAYMOON blood to continue and fix those qualities in the breeding!
           The great result of these combinations we are proud to see in MAJEED el Mogador, 
           MALAKI el Mogador, his full sister MAHANYA, as well as with MUDANYA and MAROUA. 

       *  As all FILSINGER ARABIANS, accepted by all organizations and registrations,         
           The Pyramid Society, Asil Club, Al Khamsa, Blue List, VZAP, WAHO

(as yearling - in June 2005)

(with two years - in Sept. 2006)


>>> click here to get his PDF pedigree <<<


And from a young stallion to a young and most promising sire -

his first three foals ever born:


His 2011 daughter MAYYASAH el Malikah
(out of MINDIF Bint Mansoura / Nasran Ibn Maymoon x Mansoura/ by Maymoon)
- born 20. April 2011 -



His 2011 son MEGIDO el Majeed
(out of MAISARI Nabilah / Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Maisa)
- born 09. April 2011 -



His first daughter, the 2009 born MAJEEDA El Malikah
(out of MASRIA Nabilah / Nabil Ibn Nazeefa x Munifah Bint Malikah)
- born 18. April 2009 -




(c) All Photographs byIrina Filsinger

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