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Straight Egyptian Arabians & Breedings Experience for more than 40 Years _______________________________________________________________________
ASRIA Nabilah (*1990 - 2009)

                                                                                                           Bint Kateefa
                                       Nabil Ibn Nazeefa
                                                                    Nazeefa  (EAO)
                                                                                                  Nazic   (by Morafic)
           Straight Egyptian  
   ASRIA Nabilah (DS)  
                                       Munifah Bint Malikah


Proudly bred & owned by FILSINGER ARABIANS

About her Breeding and Success:

       *  Most beautiful, chestnut Dahman Shahwan mare, continuing the tail female line 
           of the much too early deceased MUNIFAH Bint Malikah (by Maymoon) who passed 
           away after giving birth to her foal

       *  Halfsister on dam's side to sire MOGADOR el Malik, and full sister to MUNIF el Nabil 

       *  Excellent broodmare, dam of 2005 born SHEIKHA MAHYA (by Sheikh Maymoon), 
           and the 2006 born MUDANYA Bint Masria, and her full brother, the 2008 born 
           MUGAMBI el Mogador - both by MASRIA's  maternal half brother MOGADOR el Malik, 
           and by so, inbred to MUNIFAH Bint Malikah (by Maymoon) for improving and 
           intensifying the qualities of this great mare who passed away with 11 years and
           and much too early by destiny!
           In April 2009, MASRIA gave birth to another outstanding filly foal, MAJEEDA el Malikah
           who is the first foal by the young sire MAJEED el Mogador, a very close relative of 
           MASRIA, as MAJEED's dam was a sister-in-blood to her.
       *  However, this really outstanding foal was the last one the great broodmare and 
           producer MASRIA could bring  us. During the birth her 2009 foal, she had to face
           a so-named "Peritonitis" that still made her living two months, daily outside in the
           pastures , and we had big hope that she will do it against all expereince of vets 
           and clinics. But finally, she could not succeed and passed away on 12. June 2009 -
           leaving us in great sadness, and with her few, but really outstanding progeny
           behind. They have the potentials to carry on MASRIA's blood and  qualities.

       *  Ten times with the prestigeous "Elite" title in her pedigree, see her anchestors 
           in the PDF file

       *  As all FILSINGER ARABIANS, accepted by all organizations and registrations,
           The Pyramid Society, Asil Club, Al Khamsa, Blue List, VZAP, WAHO      


>>> click here to get her PDF pedigree <<<


(c) All Photographs byIrina Filsinger

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