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Straight Egyptian Arabians & Breedings Experience for more than 40 Years _______________________________________________________________________
UGAMBI El Mogador (*April 2008)



MUGAMBI el Mogador

born 2008
straight Egyptian stallion
Dahman Shahwan strain
Malikah tail female line

MOGADOR el Malik MANAL Anchor Hill Halim (US)
MASRIA Nabilah
NABIL Ibn Nazeefa Farag
MUNIFAH Bint Malikah
    Proudly bred & owned by FILSINGER ARABIANS

     About her Breeding and Success:

       *  Born in April 2008, MUGAMBI el Mogador was the second foal from the mating MOGADOR 
           x MASRIA,  a half brother to half sister (in)breeding to intensify the blood and qualities of the
           late MUNIFAH Bint Malikah (by Maymoon). MUNIFAH was one of  the two MAYMOON x MALIKAH
           daughters, and unfortunately passed away in the age of 11 years after giving birth to her foal. 
           She was always regarded as one of the most important broodmares and definately a future 
           matriarch for our breeding programme. Unfortunately, destiny crossed our much plans, but 
           luckily she left some exclusive progeny. Her son MOGADOR is an excellent, meanwhile an 
           improved herd sire, and her daughter MASRIA who just gave birth to her 4th and 2009 foal. 
           And watching  MASRIA's foals we really can already say that she fulfilled our expectations in 
           her as an outstanding broodmare. MOGADOR and MASRIA carry on the MUNIFAH blood and 
           qualities toward the future, and one of their results is MUGAMBI.  

       *   When MUGAMBI was born, he had the strong and compact Kuahailan look, that was a bit 
            unusual to the other foals from this family. But already  from the first days, he was a complete 
            horse - looking like being a "ready" horse, and he never did hit any bad stage of growing here or
            there and loosing temporarily the balance - as normally youngsters often do. MUGAMBI always 
            had his overall balance, while turned out to be a nice, elegant yearling colt and still very complete. 
            Even with his handsome and quiet character, he  already acts like a young stallion teezing the 
            mares around him.

       *   With five crosses to the straight Egyptian "Queen mother", MALIKAH, and doubling the MAYMOON 
            blood in his pedigree

       *  MUGAMBI is from the valuable Dahman Shahwan strain, and is tracing back to the MUNIFAH - 
           MALIKAH tail female line. He is a full brother to MUDANYA Bint Masria  (both by Mogador el Malik), 
           a 7/8- brother to  MAJEEDA el Malikah (by Majeed el Mogador), and a half brother on dam's side to 
           Sheikha MAHYA (by Sheikh Maymoon)

        *  22 times (!!!) with the prestigeous "Elite" title in his pedigree (see PDF file)

       *  As all FILSINGER ARABIANS, accepted by all organizations and registrations, The Pyramid Society, 
           the Asil Club, the Al Khamsa, Blue List, VZAP, WAHO

(all pictures in June 2012)


>>> click to get PDF pedigree <<<



(c) Photographs by Irina Filsinger

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