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Straight Egyptian Arabians & Breedings Experience for more than 40 Years _______________________________________________________________________
AROUA Bint Mindif (*24. May 2006)

Proudly bred & owned by FILSINGER ARABER

About her Breeding and Success:

       *  A wonderful filly born in summer 2006, that improved all expectation we had in 
           this breeding of ZEYMOON el Nabil to MINDIF -  with three times the most valuable 
           MAYMOON blood and qualities, and even four times "Queen Mother" of the straight 
           Egyptian breeding, MALIKAH  

       *   Tracing back to the important MANSOURA Bint Maisa line and family, and by so, 
            from the Dahman Shahwan strain

       *  A filly with wonderful elegant and elastic movements, prancing around in the fields 
           like a ballarina and light as a feather - supposed to be retained at stud for the
           future of FILSINGER ARABIANS and its breeding 

        * 29 times (!!!) with the prestigeous "Elite" title in her pedigree (see PDF file)

       *  As all FILSINGER ARABIANS, accepted by all organizations and registrations,
           The Pyramid Society, Asil Club, Al Khamsa, Blue List, VZAP, WAHO

(MAROUA pictured with 2 1/2 months)

(as baby foal of 9 days, with her dam, MINDIF Bint Mansoura)


>>> click here to get her PDF pedigree <<<


(c) All Photographs by Irina Filsinger

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