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Straight Egyptian Arabians & Breedings Experience for more than 40 Years _______________________________________________________________________
INT IBN AYMOON (*1985-2006)


                                        Nasran Ibn Maymoon

                                                        Nazeefa   (EAO) 
           Straight Egyptian  
   INT Ibnaymoon (KR)  
                                                                                                   Anchor Hill Halim
                                       Zaba Bint Zeenah

                                                 Zabia   (EAO) 

Proudly bred & owned by FILSINGER ARABIANS

About her Breeding and Success:

       *  Wonderful, typey mare with excellent movements, style and active, elastic trott

       *  Junior Champion Female and "Supreme Champion Female" at the 1988 Asil Cup Int. 
           show. At the competition for "Best-in-Show she got onyl beaten by her maternal 
           grandsire, the stallion MANAL who succeeded as Senior Champion Males, "Supreme 
           Champion Male" and finally, "Best-in-Show. What more improvement you can have 
           than sire and grand daughter being best female and best male in a show!
       *  But there came one more step: BINT IBN MAYMOON's sire, NASRAN Ibn Maymoon, 
           who had been already a senior champion at the German Stallion Licensing show 
           before, partcipated two years later at the next Asil Cup Int. 1990 show, where he 
           achieved the title  as Senior Champion Stallion reserve. Unfortunately her dam, who 
           passed away in 2003, ZABA Bint Zeenah, did not want to leave her studfarm home, 
           never did, and so she was never shown. She was an exquiste mare of very special 
           type and appearance, charisma, and balance, with unbelievable huge dark eyes and a 
           wonderful, smart personailty - but she teached us anyway: a real beauty and queen 
           is what she is, she is not in need to go to a show and this whole circus.....  

       *   BINT IBN MAYMOON is the dam of SHEIKHA ZAYA (by Sheikh Maymoon) who is 
            retained at the FILSINGER ARABIANS' stud for the future and breeding.
            She is a half sister on dam's side to ZAMALA Nabilah (by Nabil Ibn Nazeefa) and 
            also to ZEPHYRA Bint Sheikh (by Sheikh Maymoon)
       *  Eleven times with the prestigeous "Elite" title in her pedigree (see PDF file)

       *  As all FILSINGER ARABIANS, accepted by all organizations and registrations,
           The Pyramid Society, Asil Club, Al Khamsa, Blue List, VZAP, WAHO       


>>> click here to get her PDF pedigree <<<


(c) All Photographs byIrina Filsinger

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